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Teen Programs

30 Hour Live Class

At Community Driving School our state-certified 30 hour classroom course is unlike any other. Our class covers everything required by the State of Colorado, plus personal touches from our awesome group of instructors. Our course is designed with the busy teenager and family in mind!

The 30-hour class is broken down into four individual days. The days are Defensive Driving, Traffic Law, Basic and Advanced Maneuvers, and Understanding Your Vehicle.

The days stand alone, so a student can take them in ANY order they like. The days also can be taken together over two weekends during the school year, or during a school break (for example, over Spring Break). Or they can be taken in four consecutive days. Finally, a student may spread the class our over six months (but it must be completed in six months per Colorado state law). the student does NOT need to schedule the class.

Self-Paced 30 Hour Class Online

Learn at your own pace through our partnership with iGottaDrive -- the complete 30 Hour Colorado Teen Online Driving Course which offers the newest, online drivers ed class. This course is designed as a road trip across the United States, incorporating the latest research into driver habits, safety features of new vehicles and all the required topics the state requires for this class.

In addition, there are interactive quizzes to help prepare for the upcoming Colorado Written Permit Test. As your student moves through each city on their tour of the U.S., they’ll receive an e-postcard from that city notifying them of their progress through the course.

In Car Training

Our Six-Hour Behind the Wheel program is designed to help your teen meet all of the goals found in our expanded logo.

We teach our students to control their steering to ensure safety for themselves and others. Observing all traffic laws is a major part of our instruction. Managing speed safely for all given situations requires practice in different driving conditions, while maintaining space keeps them out of dangerous situations.

When we encourage our students to utilize searching, we’re making sure they notice their surroundings – keeping completely aware of what’s around them as they drive. In order to identify dangers on the road, we’ll help each student train their eyes to see potential problems before they arise.

Most importantly, we tell our students “You’re responsible” and we give them the tools to live up to their responsibility when they’re behind the wheel.

4 Hour Driver Awareness

As part of the Graduated Driver's License law in Colorado and if you are between 15 1/2 and 16 years old– this course fulfills the classroom portion of your driver's education requirement. (Please note: You can take either the 4 Hour Driver Awareness Course or the 30 Hour Driver's Ed Course to fulfill this requirement.) This teen driving class covers the required state content including Driving for Beginners, Making Good Decisions and Driving Behaviors. Classes are held twice a month on Wednesday evenings. The contents of this class are also covered as well in our 30 Hour class. Class dates and times will come up early on in the registration process.

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