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Self-Paced Online Driver Education

30 Hour Colorado Teen Driver's Education Class - Online

  • Take a road trip through the U.S. while you complete your 30 Hour Driver Education course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Be prepared for the driver's permit test! The contents of the Colorado Driver's Handbook are covered throughout the course unlike other online programs.
  • Start your driving career right with the latest research on driver habits, driving safety, and defensive driving techniques.
  • Be more confident and aware once you start training behind-the-wheel with your learner's permit.


( Self-Paced )

$ 105

  •  30 Hours of Drivers Ed Instruction Online
  •  Colorado Written Permit Test (2 Attempts)

Standard Pack Online Class

( Self-Paced )

$ 430

  •  Self-Paced Online Driving Package
  • Colorado Written Permit Test (2 Attempts)
  • 6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
  • Driving Skill Test (1 Attempt)


Premium Pack Online Class

( Self-Paced )

$ 580

  •  30 Hours of Drivers Ed Instruction Online
  • Colorado Written Permit Test (2 Attempts)
  •  6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction
  •  Driving Skill Test (1 Attempt)
  • Skill Day (changing a tire, go karts, and distracted driver training)
  • Can use Family and Friends discount when you register



We’ve teamed up with iGottaDrive to bring you our 30 Hour Colorado Online Driving Course which offers your teen the newest, online drivers ed class. This course is designed as a road trip across the United States, incorporating the latest research into driver habits, safety features of new vehicles and all the required topics the state requires for this class. In addition, there are interactive quizzes after each section to help students retain what they’ve learned as wells as prepare for their upcoming Colorado Written Permit Test. As your student moves through each city on their tour of the U.S., they’ll receive an e-postcard from that city notifying them of their progress through the course.

This online class is a good choice if your teen is self-motivated and learns well on their own, has a busy schedule or just prefers to move at their own pace. This class fulfills the requirements of the State of Colorado and covers the Colorado Driver Handbook as well. Your teen may start this class at 14 and 6 months old.Please be aware that they won’t be able to take the permit test until they are 14 and 11 months old. 

Once your teen has completed the required thirty hours, they’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from iGottaDrive via email. Then, they’ll be eligible to come into our office and take the Colorado Written Knowledge Exam (the permit test) in the quiet of our classrooms. Walkins are welcome at the Golden and  Lakewood locations, and by appointment at Westminster. If your teen passes, we’ll issue a certificate of completion for the Permit Test. Both of these certificates are part of the documents they’ll need when they go into the DMV to get their Colorado Driver’s Permit once they are 15 years old.

If your teen is starting the Graduated Driver’s License process between 14-1/2 and 15-1/2 years old, the DMV requires proof that your teen has completed thirty hours of Driver’s Ed either online or in the classroom prior to obtaining their driver’s permit at 15 years old. (We have both online and classroom options.) At the end of each online class, both packages include two attempts at the permit test as part of the class. Once your teen reaches 14 years old and 11 months, they’re invited to come to our office anytime Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM to take their Colorado Driver’s Permit Test in the quiet of our office. No appointment is required. If they pass, they’ll be given a completion form to take to the DMV where they’ll get their Colorado Driver’s Permit issued. Once the permit is issued, they’re required to drive for a full 365 days before taking the Colorado Drive Test for their license. They’ll also be required to keep a driving log to validate fifty hours of Behind-the-Wheel driving time (with at least ten of those hours at night). Additionally, the state requires every teen to take six hours of Colorado Behind-the-Wheel training if they apply for their license prior to turning 16-1/2 years old. (Please see our discounted packages.)

The Colorado DMV now requires all students to pre-register their personal information with the State of Colorado before completing your 4 Hour Driver Awareness course. This allows you to confirm which documents you will bring to the DMV when it’s time to get your teen’s driver’s permit issued.  While a bit of a hassle up front, it should streamline the process of obtaining your permit at the DMV.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you already have a Colorado ID card, you can skip this step. Just make sure to bring your Colorado ID card to the class. If you already have a pre-registration code, please have your teen bring it with them at the beginning of class. If you do not have a pre-registration code, please follow the directions below to obtain one. You must have a pre-registration code to complete your course and take the permit test.


If you need to obtain a pre-registration code please follow the steps below.