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Colorado Road Test / Driving Test

DRIVE test in our vehicle

$ 75
  • DMV-Approved Denver Drive Test (1 Attempt)
  • In Our Company Vehicle

We’re a DMV-approved, third party testing center where you can take your Colorado driver’s license test in an enjoyable,  stress-free atmosphere. Because of COVID-19, all tests are by appointment only please call! . Schedule your appointment quickly and easily by clicking above or give us a call.

We’re not able to allow parents to ride along because of insurance regulations and company policy. Bring those documents into our office when you come in for your test. Make sure the front doors, front windows and front seat belts must all be in working condition. Your brake lights and turns signals must also work. Our examiners will do a safety check before each test to verify. As well, you must have both a front and rear license plate on your car or a temporary tag on the back. Lastly, we cannot test you if there is a crack in your windshield that is in the line of sight of the driver or examiner. If you have a crack and you’re unsure, we’re happy to take a look at it and let you know if we can test you.

Colorado State Driver Handbook (English)
Colorado State Driver Handbook (Spanish)
Schedule An Appointment with the Colorado DMV

If you have a restricted permit and are required to use a breathalyzer when you drive, you won’t be able to use our car. You’ll need a vehicle that has an installed interlock device to take your drive test.

Again, thank you for considering us. We hope you’ll choose Community Driving School—the stress-free antidote to the DMV—for your drive test.

We understand that it can be difficult to take time off work during the week for your driver’s license exam. For this reason, we offer testing services on Saturdays—at our LAKEWOOD LOCATION ONLY, BY APPOINTMENT. And, if you don’t have a vehicle to test in, no sweat! We’re happy to loan you one of ours for an extra $20 provided there are no restrictions on your permit. Please note: If this is a retest, please call us to make your appointment as we need to make sure you are tested by a different examiner on a different test route.

We do drive tests for individuals who need to complete the test with an interlock device in the car. The car needs to have insurance, registration, and the Interlock. It does not need to be registered to the person taking the test.

We do not provide vehicles with an installed Interlock device.

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