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Colorado Permit Test

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permit test

$ 35
  • Permit Test (Two Attempts)
  • Second Test at NO Extra Charge


$ 80
  • Instructor-guided Test Prep
  • Permit Test (Two Attempts)
  • Second Test at NO Extra Charge

We’re a DMV-approved, third party testing center where you can take your written knowledge test—also known as the permit test—in an enjoyable, stress-free atmosphere. If the crowds at the Driver’s License Facility unnerve you, our quiet classroom can be a nice alternative. For the price of $25, you can take the permit test twice with us (if you don’t pass the first time and if you missed less than thirteen questions), right away at no extra charge. Please be aware that we close at 5 pm. We will not be able to start a test after 4:30 pm, in order to give you enough time to complete the test without feeling rushed.

The Colorado Written Permit Test is a 25-question test that covers the contents of the Colorado Driver Handbook. Click this link to download a pdf version of the handbook. There are some new rules so if it’s been a while since you’ve taken your permit test, it’s worthwhile to peruse the handbook to see what’s changed.

Our permit test package is good for two tests. If you don’t pass the first time, we’ll review what you missed and can then proctor a second test as long as you didn’t miss more than thirteen questions (50%) the first time. 

We will need to see the following items before we can test you:

  1.  Your preregistration number. (See next drop down section for instructions on how to obtain one.) 
  2.  A photo ID which can include a Colorado Identification card, a school ID card, a passport, green card, etc. Make sure to bring that in when you come for your test. 
  3.  High school students who are taking the test need to bring in their birth certificate—cannot be a copy—and some form of photo ID or school ID card. A passport or Colorado ID card will work in place of both the birth certificate and photo ID. It’s best if you start your test before 4:00PM so, if you pass, you’ll have time to pop over to the DMV and have them issue your permit.

Again, thank you for considering us. We hope you’ll choose Learn to Drive—the stress-free antidote to the DMV for your written permit test.

If you’re feeling uncertain or hesitant about taking the test, we understand! We’ve helped hundreds of people in your situation and have a great class to help you prepare.

Another option is to take our Permit Prep Class which is a one-on-one tutoring session with one of our instructors just prior to taking your test. This session covers the Colorado Driver’s Handbook and will help you understand the new rules and regulations before you take the test. See the Permit Prep Class + Permit Test below.

Please note: While we can test you, please understand that only the DMV can issue your permit.

Again, thank you for considering us. We hope you’ll choose Learn to Drive—the stress-free antidote to the DMV for your written permit test.

The Colorado DMV now requires all students to pre-register their personal information with the State of Colorado before completing a Permit Test. If you already have a Colorado ID card or have done this process before and still have your preregistration code, you won’t need to go through it again. This process allows the DMV to confirm which documents you will bring to their offices when it’s time to get your teen’s driver permit issued.  While it’s a bit of a hassle up front, it should streamline the process of obtaining a permit at the DMV. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you already have a Colorado ID card, you can skip this step. Just make sure to bring your Colorado ID card to the class. If you already have a pre-registration code, please have your teen bring it with them at the beginning of class. If you do not have a pre-registration code, please follow the directions below to obtain one. You must have a pre-registration code to complete your course and take the permit test. 


If you need to obtain a pre-registration code please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to https://mydmv.colorado.gov.

  2. Click “Apply for a Driver License or ID”.

  3. Click “Next”.

  4. Answer first question and enter date of birth, then click “Next”.

  5. Select which document you are applying for and click “Next”.

  6. Enter information and click “Click to Verify Address”. Select the verified address and click “Next”.

  7. Answer question and click “Next”.

  8. Answer question and click “Next”.

  9. Answer question and click “Next”.

  10. Answer question and click “Next”.

  11. Answer question and click “Next”.

  12. Select which document you will produce at the DMV to validate your teen’s full name and click “Next”.

  13. From the drop-down menu, select which document you will produce at the DMV to validate your teen’s social security number and click “Next”.

  14. Select two different documents you will produce at the DMV to validate your (parent’s) address and click “Next”.

  15. Review the documents you have chosen to bring to the DMV to validate your information and click “Next” to confirm.

  16. Select whether or not you would like to receive a reminder 45 days before your teen’s permit expires and click “Next”.

  17. Enter and re-enter your email address then click “Next”.

  18. REVIEW the information that was entered and click “Submit” if everything was correct. If any information is not correct, click “Previous” to get to the screen with incorrect information.

  19. After submitting the correct information, you will receive a confirmation number. PLEASE PRINT OUT THIS CONFIRMATION NUMBER AND BRING A COPY TO GIVE TO US AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.

If you’re having a hard time passing the Colorado permit test, let us help you prepare by reviewing the Colorado Driver Handbook in a one-on-one tutoring session which takes about an hour. When you choose this package, you receive a 50% discount on the regular price of the permit test.

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