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CDL Government-Approved Road Test

Driving Academy provides complete preparation for the CDL road test. You can be confident you will pass each test, and we'll let you know during preparation if you are making any mistakes. Our comprehensive program, job placement opportunities, and the high-paying job as a professional truck driver offer terrific success for a motivated driver. Ready to earn your CDL?

CDL Road Test Quick Facts

  • 5 Hours Long
  • 3 different parts
  • Inspection
  • Parking
  • Road Driving
  • 80% people fail the first-time due to lack of training
  • NJ has a current 3 month backlog of road test dates
  • NJ Examiners do not have a CDL

The CDL road test is the last hurdle to jump in order to finally earn a CDL. If you are doing this in NJ, you are in one of the hardest states to pass a CDL Road test. The Road test changed back in July of 2015 from a 30 minute test to now a 2.5 hour long test. The only and the best way to pass this test the first time is to get the proper training. Driving Academy can be the school to help you.  However if you are fully trained in most cases you will have to wait about 3 months to be tested because NJ MVC is backlogged.

This is where you have to ask yourself hey can I really afford to wait three months before I start my new High paying carrier. In most cases the answer is NO. That is where we come in to play. Being a New Jersey Licensed Driving School, we have access to road test dates that you will not have on your own. Our average wait time for a road test is about 1 week. So if you chose to be our student or just rent our truck for a road test only we can help. So if you need a CDL Road test next week Give us a call and we can help you out.