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Driving School In Denver: Behind-the-Wheel Training

  • Get real-life, hands-on training to become the best driver you can possibly be: safe, smart and aware at all times.
  • Train with an expert! Our instructors have years of experience to help you develop great habits right from the start.
  • Get experience in all kinds of driving environments: rural roads, mountain switchbacks, downtown Denver, interstate highways, parking lots, and more.
  • Schedule seven days a week for your convenience.
  • For more information on our exceptional in-car training, see below.
  • All BTW lessons in our safe, clean company vehicles


$ 150

  • 2 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson

Once paid, please call 303-469-4529 to schedule your lessons


$ 300

  • (2) Two-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lessons

Once paid, please call 303-469-4529 to schedule your lessons


$ 375 *

  •  (3) Two-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
  •  Driving Skill Test (1 Attempt)

Once paid, please call 303-469-4529 to schedule your lessons
* Price of the 6-hour program depends on time frame needed, as shown on the registration page.


Community Driving School’s 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel program was developed with both the student and the parent in mind. Community Driving School uses a three prong approach with all of our students:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Preparation for the Driving Test
  • Areas of Concern

Giving our students the necessary defensive driving skills is a necessary foundation for all driving. Defensive driving skills help to keep our students as they start driving on their own. Searching, scanning, proper steering, and gap control are just a few of the skills that go into making students good safe drivers.

Of course, as students learn these skills they are preparing for the drivers skills test. After all, the best preparation for the test is the development of good Defensive Driving Skills.

We are also aware of the need to help with any areas of concern expressed by both parents and students. Parking as well as getting on and off the highway or interstate are common concerns.

We want all of our students to be confident in their driving abilities. These areas of concern decrease the driver’s confidence — making the skills more difficult to perform. We help build your confidence through repetition, good instruction, and subtle tips to remember.

Our instructors keep safety in mind and will make sure that the driver is ready to perform a skill before performing it. Our lessons therefore are sequenced — we’ll help you master skills like changing lanes before you try to drive on to the highway. As you learn to drive with us, you’ll follow the rules based on our name — COMMUNITY — as you see in our logo.

  • CONTROL your steering as you drive.  And remember to
  • OBSERVE all traffic laws.
  • MANAGE your speed for everyone’s safety, and
  • MAINTAIN your space to ensure that you have room.
  • UTILIZE searching, because then you’ll
  • NOTICE your surroundings.  That helps you
  • IDENTIFY dangers around you.  Therefore, you need to
  • TRAIN your eyes — and become a safe driver…. Because
  • YOU’RE responsible when you’re behind-the-wheel.

On every drive, we teach our “tangibles” and build on the strengths of any previous Denver driving school drive. Tangibles are guidelines anyone can use to drive safely no matter what vehicle they’re driving. Tangibles often use a part of the car as a guideline for the performance of a maneuver. The tangibles allow our students to drive any non-commercial vehicle comfortably and confidently. The tangibles help Denver, Colorado driving students perform the maneuvers correctly and increase the safety of both the students and other drivers on the road. Tangibles remain the same and are transferrable from one vehicle to another creating an additional level of confidence among our students.

As well, we also watch for the following skills and problem areas: basic driving skills (acceleration, braking, steering and correct hand position), turn signals, correct lane selection and lane keep, navigating intersections safely, road markings, road signs and traffic signals, turns (Right, Left, Single Lane, Multi-Lane Turns, 3-point Turns, U-Turns, Right and Left on Red and Turns from a One Way onto a One Way Street) Parking, roundabouts, Following Distance and 3-second plus rule, scanning, searching and traffic checks, speed management, stopping gap and lane change procedures.

As various situations present themselves, we use these as teaching opportunities (bikes, pedestrians, road and weather conditions, emergency vehicles and the like.) We can customize any driving session to suit your needs and preferences. Please talk with us about any particular concerns or problem areas you may have. We’re not able to allow parents to ride along because of insurance regulations and company policy.

We’ve used Learn To Drive for all of our daughters. They have been easy to work with & have produced great drivers!

Peter Osberg

We purchased a one hour lesson from Learn To Drive and our instructor Don was great. He made me feel comfortable about my concerns with my son's driving and when he said my son was ready to test, I trusted him. My son could not stop talking about how much he learned and wishes he had taken your entire course.

Dawn & Felipe

Mark was very nice. I felt very comfortable driving with him!! I would recommend younger cousins to take driving course at this school.

Angelica Espinosa

This was my 3rd child learning to drive & Don did an amazing job teaching her the basics so she had confidence from day one!

Stacy Bauinger